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Galbally Parker

  • Ruth Parker - Principal Lawyer

  • Robert Galbally - Consultant

  • Sara Kowal-Spl Counsel & Giselle Nehma-Snr Assoc

  • Emily Wilton & Thomas Bell - Solicitors

A Leading Criminal Law Firm

Galbally Parker is widely recognised as one of Australia's leading criminal law firms.

Established in 1976, we were the first law practice in Melbourne practising exclusively in criminal law. Today our practice includes representation and advice in the areas of criminal prosecutions, corporate law in a criminal context and professional disciplinary hearings in all jurisdictions.

Galbally Parker is qualified to act in all jurisdictions - from the Magistrates Court to the Federal Court, the Supreme Court and Court of Criminal Appeal in every state of Australia and the High Court of Australia.

Assisting clients through the difficulties of a criminal prosecution is not only a matter of giving good advice; at Galbally Parker we are proud of our reputation for establishing a strong and supportive rapport with clients, particularly in the long and emotionally challenging course of a major criminal trial.

Galbally Parker are specialists in the use of electronic data management systems for maximum access to and cross referencing of the huge amounts of information generated by complex criminal trials.

Galbally Parker's success is largely due to the exceptional skills of our individual members and we pride ourselves on our ability to work together as a team for our clients. All matters also receive the benefit of extensive partner supervision of associates.

Because Galbally Parker is held in high regard, we have access to, and only use, the best barristers (counsel), who, in complex criminal matters, especially, are essential to obtaining a successful outcome. Our long experience also enables us to match the client with the right barrister as we appreciate that every client, and every case, is unique.

Unparalleled Experience in Criminal Prosecutions

Galbally Parker has unparalleled experience in the defence of clients facing criminal prosecutions for a variety of matters including:

All Homicides including:
• Murder /Manslaughter /Culpable Driving

All Drug matters including:
• Importations and Trafficking
• Cultivation and Manufacture
• Possession and Use

All Sexual Assault matters including:
• Rape and Indecent assaults
• Incest

All Property offences including:
• Armed Robbery
• Theft
• Burglary
• Obtaining by Deception/Fraud/
• Arson
• Proceeds of Crime

All Traffic matters including:
• Drink Driving
• Driving in a Manner Dangerous
• Drive Whilst Disqualified

All State and Commonwealth Criminal Prosecutions

Coronial Inquiries

Corporate Fraud and Taxation Prosecutions

In recent times the liability of company directors has been expanded greatly in a number of areas. Conduct which formerly attracted civil penalties now attracts criminal penalties including fines and imprisonment.
The intersection of Corporations Law and Criminal Law is a major area of interest for Galbally Parker and we keep abreast of all the changes in all facets of these areas.
As specialists in so called “white collar crime”,

Galbally Parker recognise and cater to the specific needs of the corporate client. These include:
• transparency in billing
• ready availability of staff
• high levels of technological know-how
• partner supervision of staff
• the full extent of the practice’s resources
• prompt and quality advice
• representation at ASIC hearings
• representation at Court

Representing Professionals

Galbally Parker advise and represent professionals facing disciplinary investigations and hearings including:

• Medical Practitioners Board
• Psychologists Registration Board
• Legal Practice Tribunals

All jurisdictions across Australia

Galbally Parker offers a range of services in all jurisdictions across Australia. These include:

Magistrates Court/Local Court/County Court/District Court/Supreme Court (Criminal Jurisdiction)/ Court of Criminal Appeal/ASIC Hearings/Coroners Court/Federal Court/ Professional Misconduct Hearings
• Pleas/Contests
• contest mentions
• case conferences
• bail applications
• committals
County Court/District Court
• pleas
• case conferences
• directions hearings
• sentence hearings
• trials
• appeals
Supreme Court/Court of Criminal Appeal
• pleas
• trials
• appeals
• bail applications
ASIC Hearings
Coroners Court
Federal Court(Criminal Jurisdiction)
Professional Misconduct Hearings

Competitive Pricing

At Galbally Parker we understand that many people charged with criminal offences are understandably concerned about the cost of representation in their matters. We also understand that most individuals want to be competently represented when they are charged with offences, to reduce the anxiety associated with representing themselves, and in order to achieve the best possible result. Since the considerable legal aid funding cuts of the last two years, we have made it our objective to provide the very best legal representation whist not charging prohibitive fees. We work on fee structures and fixed fee arrangements to suit clients of every budget, so that everyone has the right to the legal representation that they deserve.

Galbally Parker

Level 8, 552 Lonsdale Street
Melbourne, VIC 3000
Phone: 03 9670 8771
Fax: 03 9670 1594



Professional Service:
Barrister / Solicitor

Areas of Law

  • Criminal
  • Administrative Law
  • Appeals
  • Bail
  • Children - Overseas abduction
  • Childrens Advocacy
  • Civil Liberties
  • Commissions of Inquiry
  • Coronial
  • Disciplinary Tribunals
  • Extradition
  • Federal Court
  • Human Rights
  • Mental Health
  • Traffic Offences
  • Violence Restraining Orders
  • Youth/Juvenile Justice

Special Qualities

  • Call 24/7
  • Competitive Rates
  • Female Lawyer

A Leading Criminal Law Firm

If you are in immediate need of legal advice please call us on
03 9670 8771, visit our website ,
or email us at


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